Pierre Azoulay joined the MIT Sloan School faculty in July 2006. He is an applied economist 
deeply interested in understanding the forces that shape the rate and direction of scientific and
technological progress. Currently, he is studying the career choices of postdoctoral fellows in the
life sciences and how they impinge on long-term research productivity; the impact of scientific
retractions on the fate of scientific fields and authors embroiled in scandal; and the effects of
public investments in biomedical research on the patenting rates of private-sector
biopharmaceutical firms.

In the past, he has investigated the effects of alternative funding schemes on risk-taking behavior
in science, and contributed to the public policy debate surrounding the reform of the peer review
system for the funding of basic research.

He teaches courses on competitive strategy, technology strategy, and the management of innovation
within large enterprises.

Professor Azoulay is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research.
From 2001 and 2006, he was Assistant Professor of Management at Columbia
University's Graduate School of Business. A native of France, he received his doctoral degree
from MIT in 2001. He resides in Newton, Massachusetts with his wife and two daughters.