Generating Ideas: Applied and Academic Research (with Ben Jones). Slides from a discussion prepared for the "Innovation and Early Stage Ideas" Conference, Tinbergen Institute, Amsterdam, December 2006.

Social Influence Given (Partially) Deliberate Matching: Career Imprints in the Creation of Academic Entrepreneurs (resubmitted to the American Journal of Sociology, with Chris Liu and Toby Stuart).

Public R&D Investment and Private Sector Patenting: Evidence from NIH Funding Rules (with Joshua Graff Zivin, Danielle Li, and Bhaven Sampat). Data Appendix. Also NBER Working Paper #20889.

Curse of the Bambino? The Impact of Star Scientist Mobility on the Productivity of their Peers (coming soon, with Ina Ganguli and Joshua Graff Zivin).

Drugs, $$, and Drug Development: The Rise of For-Profit Experimental Medicine (Third Draft, April 2008, with Ariel Fishman).

A Portfolio Approach to Transaction-Costs Economics (Revised, August 2004).

Medical Progress and Health Care Financing: Research in Academic Medical Centers Following the 1997 Medicare Cuts (July 2003, with Abigail Tay).