Generating Ideas: Applied and Academic Research (with Ben Jones). Slides from a discussion prepared for the "Innovation and Early Stage Ideas" Conference, Tinbergen Institute, Amsterdam, December 2006.

Social Influence Given (Partially) Deliberate Matching: Career Imprints in the Creation of Academic Entrepreneurs (in revision for resubmission to the American Journal of Sociology, with Chris Liu and Toby Stuart).

Curse of the Bambino? The Impact of Star Scientist Mobility on the Productivity of their Peers (coming soon, with Ina Ganguli and Joshua Graff Zivin).

Drugs, $$, and Drug Development: The Rise of For-Profit Experimental Medicine (Third Draft, April 2008, with Ariel Fishman).

A Portfolio Approach to Transaction-Costs Economics (Revised, August 2004).

Medical Progress and Health Care Financing: Research in Academic Medical Centers Following the 1997 Medicare Cuts (July 2003, with Abigail Tay).